St. Vincent Wants to Compose Your Inflight Music

The musician has pitched her talents to American Airlines and British Airways
St. Vincent Wants to Compose Your Inflight Music
Photo: Shane Parent
Brian Eno famously released Music for Airports back in 1978 with the intention of defusing the hectic, stressful atmosphere of airport terminals. Now, it seems like St. Vincent is looking to make travellers' trips through the skies a little more entertaining, as well.
Annie Clark took to Twitter this morning (May 3), offering her musical talents as St. Vincent to some big-name airlines, claiming: "I would like to compose your inflight music."
Seemingly making a nod to Eno's past work, she added the hashtag #musicforairplanes.
  Both companies have responded to Clark's offer, with American Airlines confirming that they "love having great tunes on board for our customers."
  British Airways, meanwhile, replied with a slightly less optimistic-sounding, "There's heavy competition, St. Vincent!"  
There's no word yet on when Music for Airplanes might take off, but it's probably safe to assume that the offer won't be extended to United, following their string of high-profile PR nightmares last month.