​St. Vincent Made a Children's Album with Her Aunt and Uncle

​St. Vincent Made a Children's Album with Her Aunt and Uncle
Clearly music runs in St. Vincent's family, as her aunt and uncle jazz duo Tuck & Patti previously guested on her MASSEDUCTION LP and joined her on tour last year. Now, they've extended their creative collaboration to making a full-blown children's album.
A far cry from the sexy imagery conjured by MASSEDUCTION, the upcoming kid-friendly record features modern reinterpretations of tunes from "a classic, songwriter-y pantheon," St. Vincent explained in a new interview on Beats 1.
The concept for the album was initially going to include actual children's songs, but as she put it: "it turns out a lot of children's songs suck."
St. Vincent produced the album, which features cuts like the White Stripes' "We Are Going to Be Friends" and Harry Nilsson's "Coconut" — and other tunes that "completely appeal to kids because of their sing-songy-ness and the relatively clean content."
She goes on to describe it as "a kid's record for parents with taste."
Listen to the revealing interview clip from Beats 1 down below.
At this time, there's not firm release date for the record, but stay tuned for any updates.