St. Vincent 'FACT mix 440'

St. Vincent 'FACT mix 440'
Eclectic indie rock performer St. Vincent dabbles in many things, but she's not really involved in the world of electronic music. That makes her an unlikely candidate to create a FACT mix, but we're glad she did anyway.

The 14-song mix is a musical journey through the diverse tastes of St. Vincent's Annie Clark, including selections from King Krule, David Bowie, Loretta Lynn, the Clash, Liz Phair and many more.

Stream her FACT mix below, or download a copy here. St. Vincent's self-titled LP is available now.

FACT mix 440:

1. King Krule "Easy Easy"

2. Solex "Oh Blimey!"

3. Beyoncé "Blow"

4. David Bowie "Warszawa"

5. Kanye West "Black Skinhead"

6. Interlude

7. Loretta Lynn "Wine, Women and Song"

8. King Creole and the Coconuts "Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy"

9. Sisyphus "Calm It Down"

10. Marvin Pontiac "No Kid"

11. The Clash "London Calling"

12. Liz Phair "Divorce Song"

13. Charles Mingus "The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady, Suite 3"

14. Selda "Yaylalar"