Squarepusher Do You Know Squarepusher

That mad genius Tom Jenkinson is at it again. What exactly he's at though, or where his head's at, could be a difficult thing to explain. After creating past masterpieces, it seems that the old 'Pusher might need a push himself - stuck in a confusing state of affairs and recycling his old styles, but in a less imaginative way. The title track has already become a bit of a dance floor favourite, with its catchy video game charm and borderline pop rhythm reminiscent of Jenkinson's last "pop" tune, "My Red Hot Car." After that, the beats on the album become a tad flaccid and the rest of the effort slowly becomes a little one-dimensional. Stuck in a rut of ambient noises and creative absence, Do You Know... ends with a very unnecessary cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart." This head-scratching addition sounds as bad as those dreadful electronic re-workings of '80s classics that have been clogging the airwaves on commercial radio. Accompanied by a second CD entitled Alive in Japan - a mediocre and poorly recorded live effort - one has to wonder if this was a half-thought in Jenkinson's confused mind that was rushed onto shelves with no second-guessing. Squarepusher seems perplexed as to where to go with his music, and with someone that already has a million and one thoughts running through his head at once, this is a very worrisome thought. (Warp)