[Spunge] That Should Cover It

A somewhat scattered release that functions not only as a cover album, but also as a demo CD and an EP. With six covers, ranging from "Centerfold” to "Happy Hour,” three live demos and two studio tracks, this record seems slightly unsure of its exact purpose. Whatever that purpose, however, one thing is certain: as a cover record, it works. Mostly pillaging the ’80s for its material, the cover portion of this release offers a ska punk take on songs like "I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” and "Land Down Under,” infusing them with a relentless energy and youthful-sounding spunk. The demos don’t succeed on the same level, as their substandard quality doesn’t mesh well will the slick sound of the covers, nor with the two studio tracks at the end of the album. The band’s own songs, tacked on at the end of this release, are sadly dwarfed by the strength of their chosen covers. [Spunge]’s songwriting just isn’t able to hold it’s own alongside the Proclaimers, and the band suffers as a result. This doesn’t change the fact that the first six tracks on That Should Cover It are still really, really good. (Dent'All)