Sprites Modern Gameplay

At a time when indie pop is on the rise again, it must be gratifying for people like Jason Korzen who have stayed true to their roots all along. During his time in Barcelona (alongside current band-mates Ivan Ramiscal and Christian Scanniello), he made his living writing retro-sounding pop songs and not much has changed in his new band Sprites. The Sprites are cute; almost unbearably cute. Just like Barcelona before them, their songs take great delight in celebrating the geekier side of life. And while that can bring smiles on an initial listen, it brings the danger of becoming less amusing with each subsequent listen. Fortunately, Modern Gameplay manages to stay on the right side of the line for the most part — although there are a few times when it dangles its foot over defiantly. The saving grace for Sprites is that they are just so damned likeable. In anyone else’s hands, "I Started A Blog Nobody Read” could fall flat, but the delight that they take in delivering the line "George Bush is an evil moron” is bound to produce a smile. The jangly guitars and intentionally one-dimensional synthesisers keep everything very simple, but it works and it is a lot of fun. Modern Gameplay is as twee as hell and proud of it. (Darla)