Spotify Reportedly Planning to Offer Video Content

Spotify Reportedly Planning to Offer Video Content
There's a turf war going on the world of online streaming, as industry leader Spotify is attempting to retain its supremacy against emerging competitors like YouTube Music Key, Tidal and Apple's planned service. Now, Spotify is reportedly planning to expand its content by offering video streaming.

This news comes from the Wall Street Journal, which cites anonymous sources close to the matter. Spotify has apparently been contacting companies that work with YouTube and are discussing acquiring videos and co-creating original content. Spotify may also apparently be working with some large traditional media companies.

This video service will likely be available to both paying subscribers and free-tier users, with Spotify reportedly customizing each user's targeted content based on his or her listening habits.

Spotify could announce its video platform as soon as later this month. The company has a media event coming up on May 20 in New York, so it seems possible that more information could be confirmed at that time.

It makes sense that Spotify would be aiming to offer videos, given that it needs to compete with YouTube's streaming efforts. Also, Tidal offers video content, including exclusive videos and concerts from big-name acts.

Meanwhile, The Verge has reported that Apple is allegedly attempting to strong-arm Spotify into cutting out its free tier. The free service is very user-friendly, but it might not be so good for business; despite its popularity. Spotify still doesn't make a profit.