Spoon Announce New Full-Length

Spoon Announce New Full-Length
After churning out cult classics for a decade-and-a-half, indie rock stalwarts Spoon are finally seeing their hard work translate into commercial success. Their past two albums have charted on the Billboard 200 (with 2007's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga reaching number ten), while the single "The Underdog" has popped up in a seemingly endless stream of movies and TV shows.

The band are now hoping to continue their hot streak in 2010 with their seventh album, Transference, due out January 26 via Merge. The new 11-song collection was apparently produced by the band, and will feature already-released single "Got Nuffin," which was recorded at Rare Book Room Studio in Brooklyn.

There's no album art just yet but we do have the tracklisting.


1. "Before Destruction" 

2. "Is Love Forever?"

3. "The Mystery Zone"

4. "Who Makes Your Money"

5. "Written in Reverse"

6. "I Saw the Light"

7. "Trouble Comes Running"

8. "Goodnight Laura"

9. "Out Go the Lights"

10. "Got Nuffin"

11. "Nobody Gets Me But You"