Spookey Ruben Treats Mac DeMarco's Remix of "When Your Heart Says Yes" to New Video

The track appears on Spookey's new EP of remixes
Spookey Ruben Treats Mac DeMarco's Remix of 'When Your Heart Says Yes' to New Video
Canadian alternative music veteran Spookey Ruben has a new EP of remixes out, and today, he's treating the record's Mac DeMarco remix of "When Your Heart Says Yes" to a new music video.

The remix features Mac on drums and bass and Alec Meen on keys, with Ruben, Choir! Choir! Choir! and Geneva Jacuzzi handling vocals. As you'll hear, Spookey's summertime single is the perfect lead for his new four-track EP.

According to Spookey, "the video conveys a retro feeling of an alternate parallel universe, where someone randomly discovered this music video dubbed onto an old unlabelled VHS tape, revealing that the song was once in high rotation on MTV Japan in the late 80s."

He added: "The contrasting worlds of lo-fi model train camcorder footage and distorted vintage film of Tokyo cityscapes place the viewer in a land with no up or down, no time zone and no purpose — perfectly in sync with Mac's warbly future-jazz vision of the world."

The accompanying EP of remixes also arrives today and features takes on the same song by Toronto's Fresh Kils, Edmonton "vaporware sensation" Beletronix and the Sea and Cake's John McEntire. The When Your Heart Says Yes remix EP arrives courtesy of Spookey's own Hi-Hat Recordings. You can purchase it here.

Watch the video for Mac DeMarco's remix below, where you can also get a taste of the EP's three other tracks.