Spike Jonze Documentary on Where the Wild Things Are Author Maurice Sendak Coming to HBO

Spike Jonze Documentary on <i>Where the Wild Things Are</i> Author Maurice Sendak Coming to HBO
There's a lot of talk around these parts about Spike Jonze's unspeakably awesome-looking Where the Wild Things Are adaptation. The film version, which is coming out on October 16, is obviously going to be amazing (or at least it better be). And one reason it will be so good is because Jonze has developed a rapport with the book's author, Maurice Sendak.

Throughout their budding friendship, Jonze has been shooting footage that will now be released as a short documentary. It will reportedly air on HBO on October 14, just two days before the theatrical release of Where the Wild Things Are.

Of course, that's not the only Spike Jonze short film set to drop. We already told you about We Were Once a Fairytale, a short Jonze film starring Kanye West, which is hitting iTunes on September 8.

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