Spencer Krug on Wolf Parade's Future: "Creatively, It Feels Like It's Time to Stop"

Spencer Krug on Wolf Parade's Future: 'Creatively, It Feels Like It's Time to Stop'
Wolf Parade's recent Vancouver show was their last before a planned hiatus, and rumours have been circulating that the band might never play again. In a new interview with the Globe and Mail, co-frontman Spencer Krug addressed those reports, admitting that their future is uncertain, to say the least.

"There are no future plans," Krug said of Wolf Parade. "This could be the last show. We're not so naive to think it couldn't be. We're also not so naive to be so black and white as to say it definitely is our last show, you know?"

The hiatus is not the result of any animosity between the band's four members. Instead, it's simply because the musicians are focused on other projects, Krug says. While Krug is gearing up to release Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped by his Moonface solo project, Dan Boeckner will drop Sound Kapital with his band Handsome Furs.

"All of our hearts are, at least creatively, they're split into different spaces right now, that Wolf Parade is not in," Krug explained. "We love each other like brothers. We're not doing this because there's any bad blood or anything but, creatively, it feels like it's time to stop."

It remains to be seen whether they'll ever reconvene, but knowing the prolific output of Krug and Boeckner, there won't be any shortage of new music coming our way.

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