Speedy Ortiz's Sadie Dupuis Unveils Solo Album as Sad13, Shares New Track

Speedy Ortiz's Sadie Dupuis Unveils Solo Album as Sad13, Shares New Track
Sadie Dupuis is best known for fronting Massachusetts indie rock outfit Speedy Ortiz, but she's stepping into the spotlight solo for her next release.
Keeping consistent with her social media handles, Dupuis has adopted the moniker of Sad13 for the solo endeavour. Her debut full-length has been dubbed Slugger, and it's due out on November 11 through Carpark Records.
The album was written, recorded and produced by Dupuis, culminating in what a press release describes as a "kick-ass, empowering and insanely fun" album that "prioritizes self-possession in every sense."
The new songs were written following the musician's move to Philadelphia earlier this year and convey Dupuis's knack for "dignified wit" even in difficult situations. Recorded in a subletted bedroom, the subject matter mirrors the location — grappling with big ideas about consent, autonomy, moving on from destructive relationships and "shredding joyously past misogyny and other exclusionary gender politics."
Less guitar-driven than previous projects, Sad13 hears Dupuis melding her prowess on the six-string with more exploratory forays into laptop-written synth lines. Guest appearances on the LP include Ava Luna drummer Julian Fader and rapper/producer Sammus, while Christina Aguilera, Brandy and Monica serve as unexpected sources of inspiration.
"I wanted to make songs that were the opposite of 'Genie in a Bottle' or 'The Boy Is Mine,'" Dupuis said in a statement. "Songs that put affirmative consent at the heart of the subject matter and emphasize friendship among women and try to deescalate the toxic jealousy and ownership that are often centered in romantic pop songs."
The first example of that message can be heard on lead single "Get a Yes." Scroll past the tracklisting for Slugger to give it a listen.
1. Less Than 2
2. The Sting
3. Fixina
4. Get a Yes
5. Devil In U
6. Line Up
7. Just A Friend
8. Tell U What
9. Krampus (In Love)
10. Hype
11. Coming Into Powers (ft. Sammus)