Sparks and Todd Rundgren Team Up for Their First New Song in 50 Years

They are all back together to give us "Your Fandango"
Sparks and Todd Rundgren Team Up for Their First New Song in 50 Years
As Sparks see a resurgence thanks to Edgar Wright's new The Sparks Brothers documentary, the cult rock brothers have joined back up with their oldest collaborator: Todd Rundgren. The famed rock figure produced Sparks' 1971 debut album, and now he's teamed back up with the Mael bros for a new song 50 years later.

The track has the extremely Sparks title of "Your Fandango," and it's as over-the-top as you'd want it to be, being giddy, grandiose and more than a little amped. It even has a video as well that will be out soon.

"They sent me this song that sounded substantially like a finished product, except for the fact that I think there was some placeholder stuff that was meant to be developed a little further and they just never got around to it," Rundgren recently told Salon of the song. "I started just dressing it up and adding some vocal parts, writing some lyrics for it. And, in the end, you know — they sent me the track, I sent back what I did to them. We were both happy with it."

"Your Fandango" is part of a new collaborators series Rundgren is putting together, and we already heard his team-up with Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo late last year called "Down with the Ship."

As previously reported, The Sparks Brothers documentary will be out June 18. The duo also have their own musical coming out called Annette, which was made with Holy Motors director Leos Carax and stars Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard. Annette is set to soon premiere at Cannes and later arrive on Amazon.

Check out both "Your Fandango" and the newly released trailer for Annette below.