Soundtrack for Wes Craven's 'The Last House on the Left' Receives Deluxe Reissue

Soundtrack for Wes Craven's 'The Last House on the Left' Receives Deluxe Reissue
Belgium's One Way Static Records is a new label devoted to film soundtracks, and the imprint is launching with one stellar-looking release: the soundtrack of Wes Craven's 1972 film The Last House on the Left by David Hess. It's due out on October 21.

This horror film marked Craven's directorial debut, as well as the first full-length score from Hess, who also starred as the unforgettable psycho killer Krug Stillo in The Last House on the Left. Yet despite the film's dark and downright eerie vibes, the score comes with some truly beautiful moments.

As One Way Static explains, "David's work here contains some truly beautiful songs, the discovery of which, for some, may be in stark contrast to the brutal displays of sadism and violence for which he was known to purvey onscreen. The fact that Hess could perform as both the poet, and the monster, is a testament to his skill as an artist. The soundtrack to Last House on the Left is a brilliantly unique and diverse mixture of farcical comedy, poignant, reflective folk music and instrumental experimentalism. Hess constructed a wonderful counterbalancing entity, which serves only to accentuate the impact of the movie."

While the soundtrack previously received a CD release, the new One Way Static pressing is available in multiple deluxe formats: a limited red or white vinyl version that comes with a bonus flexi-disc containing archival radio spots, standard black vinyl, CD, digital download, and cassette.

The CD, digital and cassette versions all include four bonus tracks: three songs that didn't appear on the original score, plus a version of "Wait for the Rain/The Road Leads to Nowhere" by Hess's sons Jesse and Bo from the Cabin Fever score.

The cassette version was released earlier this month for Cassette Store Day on September 7. The other versions (plus any leftover tapes) are available to pre-order here, though North American customers are advised to pre-order the album here via Light in the Attic.

The Last House on the Left:

1. Intro/Opening Credits

2. Little Cows Lookin' for Some Grass

3. Wait for the Rain

4. Baddies Theme (Instrumental)

5. Mari's Birthday Surprise

6. Water Music/Sadie and Krug

7. Phyllis Spills Her Guts

8. Now You're All Alone

9. Ada's Chickens

10. The Chase

11. Daddy, Put Your Coat of Many Colors On

12. Mayhem Montage

13. Ice Cream Song

14. Urban Snatch

15. Blow Your Brains Out

16. Etude for Chainsaw/Goodbye, Dick

17. Aftermath/End Credits
18. Daddy, Put Your Coat of Many Colors On (Vocal Mix) (bonus track)

19. New York Times (bonus track)

20. Promised Land (bonus track)

21. Wait for the Rain/The Road Leads to Nowhere (Hess Brothers) (bonus track)