Soundtrack Details Announced For Jim Jarmusch's The Limits of Control

Soundtrack Details Announced For Jim Jarmusch's <i>The Limits of Control</i>
All the details have been ironed out, confirmed and announced for the forthcoming soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch's The Limits of Control. As previously reported, sludgemeisters Boris, Sunn 0))) and Earth all make appearances on the 17-track record, and we also now know so too does LCD Soundsystem, the Black Angels and Jarmusch's band, Bad Rabbit.

According to The Playlist, Bad Rabbit are a trio made up of Jarmusch, Carter Logan and Shane Stoneback. The group did the track featured in the trailer for The Limits of Control (see below) and reportedly will be releasing an iTunes-only EP of additional music that didn't make the film's final cut. That release has the tentative due date of May 5 and the entire soundtrack is out on April 28 via Lakeshore Records.

Here is the tracklisting for the soundtrack to The Limits of Control, which sadly features LCD Soundsystem's "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House" and not a new previously unreleased track:

1. "Intro" - Bad Rabbit
2. "Fuzzy Reactor" - Boris with Michio Kurihara
3. "Saeta" - La Macarena
4. "Sea Green Sea" - Bad Rabbit
5. "Feedbacker" (TLOC Edit) - Boris
6. "Por Compasión: Malaguenas" - Manuel el Sevillano
7. "Farewell" - Boris
8. "N.L.T." - Sunn O))) & Boris
9. "El Que Se Tenga Por Grande" - Carmen Linares
10. "Dawn" - Bad Rabbit
11. "You On The Run" - The Black Angels
12. "Omens and Portents 1: The Driver" (TLOC Edit) -€“ Earth and Bill Frisell
13. "El Que Se Tenga Por Grande" - Talegón de Córdoba & Jorge Rodriguez Padilla
14. "Blood Swamp" (TLOC Edit) - Sunn O))) & Boris
15. "Schubert 2. Adagio [String Quintet in C, D.956]" (TLOC Edit) - Ensemble Villa Musica
16. "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House" - LCD Soundsystem
17. " " (TLOC Edit) - Boris