Soundgarden 'Screaming Life/Fopp' (album stream)

Soundgarden 'Screaming Life/Fopp' (album stream)
Soundgarden and Sub Pop are jumping into the Wayback Machine this month to serve up a reissue of the group's Screaming Life/Fopp collection, but you can grunge it up ahead of the record's release now by streaming the reissue package on

As previously reported, the compilation brings together 1987's Screaming Life with the 1988 follow-up EP Fopp, as well as the "Sub Pop Rock City" from 1988's Sub Pop 200 compilation. While a 1990 CD release had included both EPs, the comp track is a bonus for the 2013 edition, which arrives on CD, double-LP and digitally.

Producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Mudhoney) had tracked Screaming Life and noted in a statement that the session had Cornell coming into his own, offering a glimpse of the soon-to-be famous banshee wail that ruled the '90s via later albums Badmotorfinger and Superunknown.

"On this record [Screaming Life], you can hear Chris experimenting with his singing as he starts to realize how much range he has to play with," Endino said. "'Nothing to Say' was the song that made us all look at each other and go, 'Uh, holy crap, how did we do this?'"

Screaming Life/Fopp hits stores November 26.