Soulja Boy's Old Website Is Now a Dragon Sex Toy Store

SODMG now stands for "Suck on Dragon Members Gang"
Soulja Boy's Old Website Is Now a Dragon Sex Toy Store
Soulja Boy mainly makes headlines these days for beefs as opposed to bars, but that doesn't mean his contributions to hip-hop shouldn't be acknowledged. However, his Stacks on Deck Money Gang (SODMG) empire doesn't seem as dominant as it used to be — especially now that its web presence redirects to a sex shop.

Twitter users have pointed out that Soulja's old URL,, now redirects to sex toy manufacturer Bad Dragon. The site's preview in an old tweet from Soulja promising "only fly shit" reveals that they specialize in "a variety of sex toys, dildos, masturbators, and adult accessories based on fantastic creatures!"

You can find some of the company's products with some vaguely NSFW previews below. Spin reports that the redirect has been active for some time, appearing between October 2016 and September 2017. It was in May of the former year that Soulja Boy made the announcement that he had dropped all artists from SODMG.

Ideally, Soulja would have done a deal with Bad Dragon to swap the domain for some cold hard cash. As you can see below, some didn't realize that SODMG now apparently stands for "Suck on Dragon Members Gang."