Sorely Trying Days Survival Mode

An enjoyable twist in the world of caustic hardcore, Kokomo, IN's STDs have a sort of self-deprecating fun with their music that harkens back to Keith Morris era Black Flag. The attitude and fun are where the connotations stop though. Musically, these guys prefer more of a detuned dirge that blends progressive elements with a punk rock'n'roll vibe, as opposed to simpleton three-chorders. Evoking the spirit of groove punk'n'rollers Lamont yet veering into a touch more charismatic territory, Survival Mode feels like a bunch of depressed, drug-addled dudes trying to laugh at their miserable situation. Since most of us have been, or constantly are, in that scenario, it feels nice to know there's a soundtrack to the state. It takes a strong band to realize their limitations, ignore them and enjoy it anyway. Thankfully, STDs do just that. (Useless World)