Sony Announces Hi-Res Walkman with $1,400 Price Tag

Sony Announces Hi-Res Walkman with $1,400 Price Tag
Sony discontinued its Walkman portable cassette players a few years back, but the device continues to live on in the form of a new digital music player. Sony has unveiled its Walkman NW-ZX2, which looks to capitalize on the expanding market for hi-res audio.

Sony unveiled the product at the CES 2015 tech show in Las Vegas, NV. It comes with the very hefty price tag of $1,200 U.S. ($1,415 Canadian).

So what do buyers get for their money? Much like Neil Young's Pono player, this new Walkman is geared towards audiophiles, as it supports MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, WAV and ALAC including DSD. It comes with 128 GB of storage, plus a slot for a microSD card and "large-capacity battery" rated to 60 hours of playback.

Beyond that, the NW-ZX2 supports Bluetooth, NFC and wi-fi, and it can be used to play Google Play apps. So while it can be used for streaming, it doesn't seem to be aiming to replace your iPhone in terms of diverse features.

The player will be released this spring.