Sonic Youth Unearth Film Score Rarities for 'Spinhead Sessions' Release

Sonic Youth Unearth Film Score Rarities for 'Spinhead Sessions' Release
On top of this year's already massive vinyl reissue campaign, alt-rock heroes Sonic Youth have announced they're bringing some rarities out of the woodwork for a new release. A bunch of demos tied to the group's mid-'80s Made in U.S.A. soundtrack will be released as the Spinhead Sessions.

The instrumental collection arrives June 17 through the band's own Sonic Youth Recordings. It's explained that these were the rehearsal recordings of the material that would later end up as the score to Ken Friedman's 1987 film, Made in U.S.A. They were cut at North Hollywood's Spinhead Studio, which a press release notes was where SST bands like Black Flag and Painted Willie would also record.

Spinhead Sessions are described as the "rough gestural sketches" for the later score. Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore added in a statement that the recordings showcase "spindly, twisting rhythms and quiet rushes of noise and melody," while the press sheet notes that Spinhead Sessions demonstrates the "wordless interplay" that would develop even further over the years.

Below, you'll find a stream of the set's "Theme with Noise," courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan.

The band are selling pre-orders for the collection over here.

While Made in U.S.A. was screened in 1987, a commercial release of the official score didn't see release until 1995.

Spinhead Sessions:

1. Ambient Guitar & Dreamy Theme
2. Theme with Noise
3. High Mesa
4. Unknown Theme
5. Wolf
6. Scalping
7. Theme 1 (take 4)