Sonagur "22 Days" (video)

Sonagur '22 Days' (video)
Sisterly duo Sonagur recently released their new single "22 Days," and now Exclaim! has got your exclusive first look at its brand new accompanying video.

The bright, breezy clip will have you longing for the sunshiney, poolside days of summer. It sees Toronto-based singing siblings Gabriela and Melody Hansen getting endearingly artsy in the desert, until the song's burst of sonic drama halfway through gets mimicked by equally climactic visuals that take things in a darker direction. It tells the story of a young man confronting fear and grappling with the push and pull between "what we believe about ourselves and what is true."

"Living in the suburbs, we find ourselves pushed to imagine and create our own surreal world," the synth-pop pair tells Exclaim!, opening up about the meaning behind the video. "We keep coming back to the desert because for us it's an open landscape, a chance for us to create that imaginary place. It's silent and empty but also so full of life, and that contrast is inspiring to us."

See their inspiration come to fruition in the brand new clip for "22 Days" below.