Son Ache Aprovechame…!

The second album by one of Toronto’s rootsiest Latin bands is a winner. Tight arrangements of son, guaracha and majestic danzóns and boleros hit hard everywhere. Even when love is the focus, Son Ache never devolve into florid salsa romantico. The compositional strength and ensemble playing of this veteran band carry the day every time. A secret weapon is award winning Cuban producer Joaquin Betancourt Jackman, who ensures balance to all frequency ranges. His arrangements are rich but the mix remains light and airy, which allows the pulsating baby bass lines and hypnotic tres to cut through, as they should. When a band is 11 pieces strong, this spatial sense is all too important. Jazzy flourishes comment on the rhythm and vocals in a sometimes unusual way. The gossamer muted trumpets of "Tu Recuerdo” save the song from becoming maudlin. For the majority of the album, save for a few slower numbers, this is superb dance music. Son Ache are a fine band, in the tradition but also very contemporary sounding. (Independent)