Someone Replaced All of the Sounds on Barenaked Ladies' "One Week" with "It's Been"

Someone Replaced All of the Sounds on Barenaked Ladies' 'One Week' with 'It's Been'
It's been one week of vacation for most people, but holidays or not, the Internet never sleeps. Thankfully, for those of us who aren't spending time with loved ones or going on adventures away from our computers, someone has created a delightful new pop oddity.

Human discount dress shirt racks Barenaked Ladies have never outdone their '90s single "One Week," which pairs deeply embarrassing rappity rap with funky acoustic pop. But the song is nothing without its opening two words: "It's been."

Fortunately, some brave soul has redone the song so that its only words are, in fact, "It's been." Going beyond just lyrics SoundCloud user edes421 replaced all of the musical instruments on the song with a sample of those timeless two words. The nightmarish final result can be streamed below.

With its pitch-shifted vocals, the new version of "One Week" almost sounds like a Dan Deacon composition. That's somewhat fitting, since the Baltimore musician pranked the band earlier this year.