Solea Solea

Composed of ex-members of Sensefield, Samiam, Knapsack, and Texas Is the Reason, Soela are a fairly obvious sonic evolution of their members’ musical interests and influences. Bringing together the punk drive of Samiam with the smoother, poppier feel of Sensefield, Solea is still much more than the sum of their members’ past work. While the emotional honesty of Texas Is the Reason is laid bare on tracks like the brilliant closer "The Last Word,” most of the songs here shy away from the emo tag, instead resting comfortably in poppy rock territory. Given the accessibility of most of the tracks contained on this self-titled release, it remains a mystery why the record has taken so long to find a North American home, having already been available internationally for quite some time. Solea have crafted a record of songs that, while extremely listenable, hold on tightly to the band’s punk pedigree. (Textbook)