Sole Selling Live Water

Nice packaging, Sole. Simple gatefold packaging with a lyric book (aka - "the official tabletop booklet") including personal crib notes for each song. Listening to, and more importantly understanding, Anticon has never been easier than now. Impress your friends by dissecting Sole's thoughts. He still rants and raves and rarely rhymes, but he keeps getting progressively tighter, attempting a few different flows here. To accompany Sole's hyperactive rap-style are (mostly) up-tempo beats from Alias, Odd Nosdam, Jel and Telephone Jim Jesus, who opens the album with an attempt at self-styled Beck-type funk ("Da Baddest Poet") and finishes the album with an abstract "Ode to the War on Terrorism." Odd Nosdam's two productions, the droning first single "Salt on Everything" and likely radio hit "Selling Live Water," are with the album opener as the album's best tracks. Jel's "Respect Pt 3" is alright, but "Sebago" mixes together a lot of unusual sounds for Sole to tell a "typical cliché hallucinogenic experience" for another great song. Alias also offers up successes with "Shoot the Messenger," "the Priziest Horse" and "Teepee On a Highway Blues." And interestingly, "Slow, Cold Drops" was written for Sole by Pedestrian. Selling Live Water: tastes great, less filler. (Anticon)