Soft Riot Releases Instrumental Cassette 'Some More Terror,' Plots Sophomore LP

Soft Riot Releases Instrumental Cassette 'Some More Terror,' Plots Sophomore LP
While Soft Riot (a.k.a. Jack Duckworth) is plotting out his full-length follow-up to 2013's Fiction Prediction, the Sheffield-based darkwave figure will first deliver a limited-edition cassette release showcasing a handful of instrumentals. After first being announced in the summer, Some More Terror arrives in the UK on September 8 through French imprint Desire, with a North American release through Sanity Muffin coming soon.

The newly announced set compiles 11 assorted pieces of ambient synth work, which a press release explains strays from the structures of Duckworth's "more song-based, psychedelic synth-pop." The instrumental tunes were tracked last winter, with some being completely improvised and others formed out of previous jam sessions. The set is said to sound similar to Tangerine Dream and Cluster, with Duckworth himself calling it "not unlike a soundtrack for some arthouse sci-fi film, or something." You'll find the set's "Private Lives at Dawn," which technically features some wordless tantric chants, down below.

It's further explained that the songs off Some More Terror were written during the same period as the upcoming Soft Riot LP, You Never Know What Might Come Next. It's as yet unknown when the album proper will arrive.

Earlier this year, Soft Riot delivered the two-song "The Garden"/"Read You Like An Electronic Book" digital single through Everything Is Chemical.

  Some More Terror:

1. Things Behind Boardroom Doors
2. A Cosmic Disappointment
3. As You Feel The Dark Side Of Progress
4. Memoirs Of A Well Dressed Parasite
5. Modern Dread
6. Private Lives At Dawn
7. Momentary Lapse In A Crowd
8. The Boys From Eton
9. Strange Phenomena
10. The Commuters III
11. Some More Terror