Soft Metals Announce Debut Captured Tracks LP

Soft Metals Announce Debut Captured Tracks LP
Continuing on from the self-referential loves songs that filled last year's The Cold World Melts EP, Portland synth duo Soft Metals have announced their self-titled full-length debut. The pair, Patricia Hall and Ian Hicks, have been working together since 2009 and fell in love shortly after their musical partnership began. While early tunes hinted at their burgeoning courtship, Soft Metals finds them further exploring their emotions.

A press release explains that the disc, which will be issued via Captured Tracks on July 26, revels "in the transformative power of love, knowledge, and imagination." Using Giorgio Moroder-style disco oscillations with early '80s synth pop tendencies, the narrative on the LP shifts from conquering one's fears and emotions ("Voices") to the "controversial bridge between science and the soul."

With its dance floor vibe and sci-fi soundscapes, the record is said to be a "collection of bittersweet electronic pop songs balanced by a delicate surrealism, a patient sense of experimentation that leaves you floating in your subconscious and moving to the beat."

You can get preview the pulsating, spacious opener "Psychic Driving," anchored by Hall's dreamlike vocals, down below.

Soft Metals:

1. "Psychic Driving"
2. "Always"
3. "Voices"
4. "Celestial Call"
5. "The Cold World Melts"
6. "Hold My Breath"
7. "Eyes Closed"
8. "Pain"
9. "Do You Remember"
10. "In Throes"

"Psychic Driving" - Soft Metals by forcefieldpr