Society of Rockets Where the Grass Grows Black

With little fanfare, the Society of Rockets have released a seriously rocking record that looks back without trapping itself under the weight of retro, classic indie rock posturing. The warts-and-all performances on the exhilarating "Tangerines & Cigarettes” and swinging "Out in the Evening” re-visits Sticky Fingers-era Stones, but only for their grit and joy, not for any by-the-numbers approximation of ’70s blues. The band’s jammier elements on "Dix” and balladeering on "Suicide Summer” recall similar explorations by My Morning Jacket and they’ve got a garage-y side to work out too, as "I’m Gonna Smile” suggests. Under their dark, trippy veneer, the Society of Rockets lay down some energetic rock’n’roll and introspective psychedelia on Grass, a varied album that warrants repeated listening. (UnderPop)