Snuggle Up with Reviews of Terminator: Salvation, Flame & Citron and More in Exclaim!'s DVD Round-Up

Snuggle Up with Reviews of <i>Terminator: Salvation</i>, <i>Flame & Citron</i> and More in Exclaim!'s DVD Round-Up
To help keep you in the loop of the overwhelming amounts of DVDs released, we at Exclaim! are here to help you stay on top of things. Check out our Recently Reviewed section for all of our latest DVD reviews.

This week, we have Flame & Citron, a WWII character thriller exploring the psychological repercussions of killing and subterfuge. Fast-forward to the future and we have Terminator: Salvation fighting a very different war. This film chronicles the struggle of the humans and the rise of John Connor to military leader in the fight against the terminators, staring Christian Bale as the iconic character.

Next, we have another film about the future struggle of machines and humans, the Japanese cyberpunk cult hit Ghost in the Shell 2.0, revamped for Blu-Ray with the inclusion of an HD remaster of the original film. Also getting the Blu-Ray treatment is anime Blood: The Last Vampire.

Meanwhile, we have Margaret Cho: Beautiful, her fifth concert video, which has her unleashing her trademark unabashed tongue on an audience, pre-Obama, and The Tudors: Season Three, which finds the series becoming more and more a fictional interpretation of King Henry's life, as historical details are embellished and given dramatic sway over facts.

All of these and much more can be found in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed motion section.