Snowglobe Oxytocin

A band breaking up is, apparently, not what it used to be. After recording two albums, Snowglobe kind of called it a day, yet stay together when the band members scattered throughout the U.S. — kind of because they are continuing to make records. They are releasing a series of solo albums, with the other members of the band providing the backing, which is a neat idea and one that has already borne fruit for Snowglobe. Oxytocin features the songs of Brad Postlethwaite and he doesn’t try to hide behind any of his influences. With lots of Beach Boys-influenced vocal arrangements and plenty of classic indie jangle, this could have easily turned out to be far too clichéd. But maybe having ten other people playing in some capacity on the record inadvertently changed this from being a solo project to a more collaborative effort. Or maybe Postlethwaite possesses a good ear for fine detail and he knows when to add that little bit extra to the mix, like Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous. While Oxytocin is better than it should be in theory, the most interesting part of it is what it is going to mean for the band. Postlethwaite has started off this new phase strongly, so hopefully the other members can live up to his high standards. (Ranseur)