Snowden Anti-Anti

Moody, atmospheric and angular rock doesn’t seem to be slowing down on the assembly line these days, despite most acts stumbling to follow Interpol’s lead. Atlanta’s Snowden may not be ready to pilot the pack, but they’re certainly deserved of joining the queue. Impressively in possession of a sound that is distinctly Snowden, this resourceful four-piece know all of the right buttons to push and when to push them in order to make their tilting gloom rock singular. Anti-Anti is the band’s debut album, and much like Turn On the Bright Lights, it’s hardly one that behaves like a first timer. In fact, as po-faced as this kind of music should be, there sure is a lot of devilish, even sincere smiling going on in Snowden. "Filler is Wasted” moves to a snappy shuffle that shows they know very little about either of the song title’s constituents. "Black Eyes” and "Counterfeit Rules” further cement their astute guitar riffs and rhythmic wallop — two traits that help affirm what kind of imagination these guys can work with. "My Murmuring Darling” and "Victim Card” also prove they have what it takes to fulfil their dour duties. In a nutshell, Anti-Anti is the best thing to come out of Atlanta in recent times that doesn’t have an affiliation to either OutKast or Lil Jon… though the thumping backbeat of "Kill the Power” could potentially support either of those hip-hop heavyweights. (Jade Tree)