Snoop Dogg feat. Robyn "Sexual Eruption" (Fyre Department Remix)

Snoop Dogg feat. Robyn 'Sexual Eruption' (Fyre Department Remix)
Any chance to shine the spotlight on Robyn is always a pleasure, but doing so knowing my favourite Swede is confirmed to release her self-titled opus on these shores is all the better. Sure, it’s been three years since the album’s initial release, but still, Interscope is releasing it, and they’ve got a plan to ensure it doesn’t flop. A good indication of their devotion to making Ms. Carlsson a proper star this time around is the leak of this team-up with another of Interscope’s priorities, the forthcoming funkadelic turn by Snoop Dogg. In case you haven’t beheld the magnificence of his latest first single and video, "Sensual Seduction,” (taken from Ego Trippin’, out March 11) be sure to catch the video below where Snoop transforms into the ultimate sex god (Prince + Roger Troutman x Rick James ÷ Michael Jackson = $20 strip club banger?), complete with a vocoder tube/keytar combo that nobody but the D-O-double-G can rock without looking the fool. After getting Lil’ Kim in on the sensuality, Snoop’s invited lil’ Robyn to rewrite the titular verbiage to something much crasser ("Sexual Eruption"?!?!). The blonde bomb-dropper croons the hook and chirps rhymes like "Wanna stroke my pup” with "Mama’s gonna sex you up” to a gaudier remix by the Fyre Department (who’ve worked with JT, Kanye, Britney and Fiddy, among others) that morphs Snoop’s orgiastic ’70s romp into a club-minded synthathon — and the ’net’s hottest track of the week.

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