Snoop Dogg "Stoner's Anthem" (video)

Snoop Dogg 'Stoner's Anthem' (video)
We already got the blazed-up 4/20 tribute "Roll Me Up" from Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg earlier today (April 20), but the pro-pot rapper continues to pay respect to all things green on his solo jam "Stoner's Anthem," from the recently released digital-only Stoner's EP.

Lounging and lighting up in someone's pad, the laid-back rapper pontificates on the finer points of marijuana throughout the video. Unsurprisingly, he admits to liking the kinds of plants the dudes in Cypress Hill grow, implores us to "give a dog a bone," and dishes on how best to roll a J. "Let's stay way fucked up till we die," he spits mid-clip.

Check it out the hazy, smoke-filled video below.