Snoop Dogg "So Many Pros" (ft. Pharrell Williams) (video)

Snoop Dogg 'So Many Pros' (ft. Pharrell Williams) (video)
Snoop Dogg's funky new single "So Many Pros" emerged just last night (April 13), and now it has gotten a music video.

The clip for this catchy, Pharrell Williams-produced robo-soul track was directed by Francois Rousselet. "I wanted to depict Snoop Dogg as a black James Bond, and film him in scenes inspired by the Blaxploitation era," the director said in a statement. "The video is a total homage to this period, which was one of the richest in terms of graphic design. Only Snoop Dogg could embody such great characters through a series of posters that depict and pay tribute to one of the most iconic chapters of Hollywood history."

This Blaxploitation tribute takes the form of series of movie posters featuring Snoop; some of the posters incorporate lyrics from the song into their slogans. Actress Felicia Pearson from The Wire appears, as does Pharrell.

Watch the tribute below. Snoop's album BUSH drops on May 12 through Columbia Records.