Snooker Emporium "Tökfőzelék"

Snooker Emporium 'Tökfőzelék'
Quirky Montreal unit Snooker Emporium dropped their self-titled debut album back in the fall, and now they've unveiled some visuals for album cut "Tökfőzelék."
Formed at Concordia University, the band consists of members from Montreal, Toronto and New Hampshire — with sonic influences that span an even greater distance. From prog rock, Krautrock and '90s indie up to today's Canadian content, the band draw on a wide variety of styles.
On "Tökfőzelék," they play with psychedelic guitar riffs, droning bass and lighthearted, upbeat vocals. As for the clip, it's an instructional cooking class for a group of goofy friends. They seem to be having a good time, despite the difficult tasks of grating cucumber and, um, showering with a bunch of fresh dill.
You can check out the results by watching the video premiere of Snooker Emporium's "Tökfőzelék" below.