Snailhouse Shows Axed over Beach House Name Controversy

Snailhouse Shows Axed over Beach House Name Controversy
In perhaps one of the silliest, WTF moves ever, Montreal’s Snailhouse were apparently dropped from opening two Beach House shows in France, because the Beach House camp purportedly didn’t want two bands with “house” in their name on the same bill.

The long-standing project of Wooden Stars/Bell Orchestre member Michael Feuerstack, Snailhouse have been working steadily as a band in recent years and are touring behind a new EP called Monumental Moments. Or at least, they’re trying to.

Speaking to Exclaim!, Snailhouse’s Kyle Cunjak said the band got word of the show cancellations from the Beach House camp last week, forcing Snailhouse off the bill at shows in Rennes and Clermont-Ferrand, France, on November 5 and 6, respectively.

“Even though there was a contract and we said we’d change the name to ‘Mike Feuerstack’ they still said ‘no,’” Cunjak said, adding that the debacle left Snailhouse scrambling for make-up dates.

“I really hope it was the management and not the band, but really, what a fucking dumb move to pull on an independent touring band,” Cunjak said.

So take heed Crowded House, House of Pain and Bauhaus if you reunite, or even you Hugh Laurie, should you ever end up touring behind some musical production of your dramedy House: some houses may not be big enough for both you and Beach House.

UPDATE: Beach House have issued the following statement regarding the Snailhouse show cancellations:

We would never kick anyone off of a show because of their name being vaguely similar to ours. That would be incredibly silly. What Snailhouse seems to have construed as a major dick-move move by us must be the result of some translation mix up between the French promoter and our Flemish booking agent regarding the redundancy of the word "house". Our understanding is that they were never actually booked or contracted. All of this seems to have been born of confusion over a small miscommunication. The whole thing would be comical except that we fear that the folks in Snailhouse were offended and, as anyone who knows us would know, that bums us out.

Tour dates:

10/22 Hamburg, Germany - AstraStube

10/23 Oldenburg, Germany - Polyester Klub

10/24 Kiel, Germany - Prinz Willy

10/25 Göttingen, Germany - Pools Club

10/27 Braunschweig, Germany - Nexus

10/28 Berlin, Germany - Schokoladen
10/30 Magdeburg, Germany - Blauer Bock/URBANPIRATEN

10/31 Munich, Germany - Import/Export

11/1 Graz, Austria - Scherbe

11/3 Vienna, Austria- Fledermaus (Vienna Songwriting Association)

11/4 Passau, Germany - Unterhaus

11/6 Paris, France - La Fleche D'Or

11/8 Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Dwaze Zaken

11/9 Dusseldorf, Germany - Brause

11/10 Bonn, Germany- Kult 41

11/11 Arnhem, the Netherlands - House show

11/12 Ameland, the Netherlands - Island Creative Quarantaine (house show)

11/13 Zutphen, the Netherlands - La Bicyclette
11/18 Montreal, QC - Cabaret Du Mile-End