Snacks? / Bonvivant Split 7-Inch (EP stream)

Snacks? / Bonvivant Split 7-Inch (EP stream)
Montreal pop punk band Bonvivant have met their match in London, ON's Snacks?, a group who describe their sound deliciously as "pop and chip" punk. The pair have teamed up on a new 7-inch, which you can stream in full below.

Alternating their songs, the bands play off one another with guitar-heavy songwriting and singalong choruses. Bonvivant comes across as the heavier of the two with some seriously gruff vocals. Then again, if you can speak French you'll probably make out what they're singing just fine.

The release will be available at Pouzza Fest on May 16 via Housebreaker Records. You can pre-order it here, and stream it in full below.

Tour dates:

05/16 Montreal, QC - Theatre Ste Catherine 
06/13 London, ON -  The Shire ("London Record Release")