Michael Jackson vs. Nirvana "Smells Like Rockin' Robin"

Michael Jackson vs. Nirvana 'Smells Like Rockin' Robin'
Technology and those with too much time on their hands have proven a humourous mix more than a few times. Take, for example, a video unearthed from YouTube featuring Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain's anguished howl over the chirping, handclaps and irritating ebullience of then-13-year-old Michael Jackson's "Rockin' Robin."

At first listen, the most grating part was definitely the "Hello, hello, hello" of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" being sung over the popping bassline of the Jackson 5 tune, but then we discovered another interesting feature of this mash-up: by muting the sound on the video for just a second, you can actually hear Kurt Cobain rolling over in his grave.

The mash-up was created by Go Home Productions.

Thanks to EW for pointing this one out.