​Smashing Pumpkins' "Solara" Video Is a Total Mindfuck

​Smashing Pumpkins' 'Solara' Video Is a Total Mindfuck
Smashing Pumpkins have unveiled a new video for their recent single "Solara."
The clip is a strange one, opening on a shot of frontman Billy Corgan wearing a skirt and getting put on a leash by a group of women, before being led into a chair and given an IV of trauma-flavoured vape juice.
Meanwhile, in the world's worst steam room, a feather-wearing man in a Jason mask holds a stack of towels, as a dude in a suit spews blood out of his mouth — which James Iha promptly dips his hands into.
Down the hall from that, Jeff Schroeder plays an off-brand version of Connect 4, but things really take a turn when Corgan stumbles upon a mime giving birth to an imaginary baby. From there, he goes onto find a rave, complete with colourful lights and people pouring milk over themselves.
Yeah, we don't know either. Watch the freaky video for "Solara" below.
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