Smashing Pumpkins Ready Early Box Sets, Announce Future Gish Tour in Works

Smashing Pumpkins Ready Early Box Sets, Announce Future <i>Gish</i> Tour in Works
Smashing Pumpkins are set to reissue and relive their debut album Gish, on the off anniversary of 17 years. This year, the "band," which really just consists of Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlain, are also celebrating their 20th anniversary, but have announced through their official website that a box set of both pre-Gish and Gish material will arise, followed by a Gish tour. Though no details have been given, we can only assume this means outtakes, rarities, demos, live tracks for the box set, and a full tour playing Gish in its entirety. Though knowing the baldheaded curmudgeon that is Corgan, things could change without notice. One thing we can expect is about four or five different box sets with extra goodies available only at shops like Best Buy and Target.

The teasing posting reads:

Does anyone else smell that in the air? Oh yeah, that's Gish! has another small byte of information for you regarding your favorite first Smashing Pumpkins album: plans are currently underway that will lead to the eventual release of a pre-Gish/Gish box set!

What is to be included on here, no one knows for sure but it should be noted that its release is expected to coincide with the Gish tour sometime in 2008...

Expect more information as it becomes available.

Smashing Pumpkins "Siva"