Smalltown DJs and Neon Steve "Bad" (ft. Shad)

Smalltown DJs and Neon Steve 'Bad' (ft. Shad)
Making for a veritable West Coast Canadian smorgasbord of talent, Calgary's Smalltown DJs and Victoria's Neon Steve have brought Canuck rapper Shad aboard for a pretty great collaborative track titled "Bad."

The beat is built up around speedy claps, emergency sirens, sonar blips and percussive keyboard clips. Throughout the cut, master wordsmith Shad salutes the underground railroad, and humbly notes that despite his skills, he's no Hova. He also drops references to Phil Spector, Burt Bacharach, Aziz Ansari's "Randy" character, comics guru Stan Lee and Beyocé, among several others.

You'll find the playful boom tune down below.