Sloan Look Back to 2002 with Japanese Live Album

Sloan Look Back to 2002 with Japanese Live Album
Sloan are getting back to the bootlegging biz, or rather, they will soon be treating a fan-recorded Japanese concert to a limited-edition vinyl release.

The band have revealed that they will press up Tokyo Japan 2002 in a one-time pressing of 500 copies, which go on sale this Wednesday (November 20) at noon EST. The recording had been captured by an audience member at Tokyo's Club Quattro on January 16, 2002, while Sloan were out on the road supporting their sixth LP, Pretty Together.

"It's an LP that, at the time, was thought to be a bit slick sounding, perhaps in relation to records like One Chord to Another or Navy Blues," guitarist Jay Ferguson said in a statement, though adding of the group's live show, "If that's a concern, then I would dare say this loud recording from the floor strips a bit of the polish off compared to the studio counterparts."

The set features era-specific songs like the Wurlitzer-led "Life of a Working Girl," "Dreaming of You" and "Pick It Up and Dial It," as well as an appropriately timed performance of the album's Japanese-only bonus cut "Had Enough," which found guitarist Patrick Pentland hitting the kit.

The LP comes on what Sloan calls "pure white Japanese flag vinyl" and will be housed in "a '70s-style heavy-stock white jacket with a risographed wrap around outer sleeve." Also included is a reproduction of a fan letter and a download code including four extra tracks ("Deeper Than Beauty," "The Lines You Amend," "People of the Sky" and "Money City Maniacs") that didn't fit onto the LP.

As an audience recording, Ferguson admits that Tokyo Japan 2002 isn't a super hi-fi experience but noted that "it won't distract from enjoying the rocking proceedings."

Come Wednesday, you can pick up the set over here. In the meantime, you can stream the live album on the group's website and download its "I Love a Long Goodbye" in the widget down below.