Sloan / Super Friendz / Inbreds Supergroup TUNS Announce Debut Album

Sloan / Super Friendz / Inbreds Supergroup TUNS Announce Debut Album
Following last summer's project announcement and a fall live debut, Canadian pop supergroup TUNS have announced their first full-length release. A self-titled collection from the Super Friendz, Sloan and Inbreds vets is being released on August 26 through Royal Mountain Records.

As previously reported, TUNS unites Super Friendz/Flashing Lights' Matt Murphy, the Inbreds' Mike O'Neill and Sloan's Chris Murphy. If you were wondering about the band name, it's noted in a press release that TUNS is an acronym for the Technical University of Nova Scotia, where the two Murphys "used to go for science fairs or to play basketball." Also, it sounds like "tunes," a nod to songcraft.

The trio are apparently "not going to be that supergroup that sounds great on paper and super lame on your speakers." Further described as "power pop with intricate melodies, electrifying rock'n'roll," touchstones for the act include their collective past, as well as acts including Sweet and Buzzcocks.

The nine-song album features the band's first single, "Throw It All Away." To tease the release further, TUNS have unleashed a stream of the record's "Mind over Matter."

"The lyrics are more or less about the romantic idea people get in their heads, myself included, that if you could just escape for a bit — go somewhere far, far away, you will have this transformative experience and lasting inner-peace," Matt Murphy explained of the song in a statement. "But as is often the case, on your return you find yourself back where you started, feeling relaxed but still out of your mind."

You'll find the bouncing glimmer-rock track below, along with the full tracklisting to TUNS. That is the cover art, a line drawing caricature of the trio, up above.


1. Back Among Friends
2. Mixed Messages
3. Throw It All Away
4. Mind Over Matter
5. Look Who's Back In Town Again
6. Lonely Life
7. Mind Your Manners
8. To Your Satisfaction
9. I Can't Wait Forever