Slipknot Talk About Fourth Album, Get Delusional About Legacy

Slipknot Talk About Fourth Album, Get Delusional About Legacy
Slipknot are currently in the studio working on their yet-to-be-titled fourth album, and in an interview with MTV's Metal File drummer Shawn Crahan, or the Clown, as most people call him, divulged on the recording sessions.

"It's a record made by a bunch of fucking adults, and that's why it's different. Every record should be different," he said. "No one can fathom what we do. This fourth record was done by a bunch of crazy guys in their 30s. That doesn't mean we're slowing down or not as intense — our brains are different, so we're bringing different emotions, different feelings and different anxieties to the table now. This record is another diagnosis of our insanity."

Insanity is right. The Clown went on to lose his shit trying to get the point across that Slipknot is "a phenomenon, it's an enigma" and operate like they're serving a tour of duty in Vietnam. Okay...

"I'm not that guy who's going to tell you it's harder," Crahan added. "Harder, to me, doesn't mean anything. I could give a shit about hard. Hard means nothing to the Clown. SLIPKNOT is a phenomenon, it's an enigma, and the enigma weighs on your emotions. And the emotions aren't just heavy, they're cerebral, they're surreal and they're on a whole other level. I just know that this album is different than anything we've done.

"Listen, we are the hardest ever. We blow all bands away. I don't give a fuck who your band is. I've probably played with your band, and you don't show me shit. So, it's like, is this band heavy? Oh, yeah, we're the heaviest. We're heavy thinkers, heavy hitters, heavy writers and heavy people, but it's emotionally heavy. There's a lot of emotion on this record, and we're all on the same page with our own emotions, so you're finally seeing the kings of all the courts bringing their kingdom's jewels in for one gigantic war.

"No one has done what we have done. This is a war, man. The shit that we do, nine guys trying to fucking write together, and keep this insanity going? Does anybody take the time to realize that? For me, this is like going to Vietnam, serving your tour and then the government asking you to do another tour because you're a badass. We've got 10 purple hearts, and we're fucking killers. This isn't your rock and roll; this is our rock and roll."

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