Slim Twig "Gun Shy" (video)

Slim Twig 'Gun Shy' (video)
Today (August 21) marks the release of Toronto pop auteur Slim Twig's Sof' Sike LP, and in case you haven't already sampled the full album stream over here at Exclaim!, you can check out the tunesmith's new video for "Gun Shy" down below.

The clip begins with an awkwardly deadpan intro from Toronto comedian Tom Henry, with a couple quips delivered at the expense of Slim, but eventually centers on the songwriter. Though he plays guitar in front of a plain white backdrop, things get a tad more colourful later on when he gets behind the piano in a flowery open field. A late-clip scene of Slim Twig swimming amongst some press photos seems almost as refreshing as the slightly psychedelic garage rock soundtrack.

Check out the clip for yourself below.