Sleigh Bells Plot "Immense" Second Record

Sleigh Bells Plot 'Immense' Second Record
In 2010, Sleigh Bells made a big splash with their catchy, crushingly loud debut, Treats. Now, the duo of Alexis Krauss and Derek E. Miller have opened up about the plans to record album number two, which they hope will come out next year.

"Emotionally, it's a really heavy record," Miller told Rolling Stone of the new material.

This includes some leftover tracks from Treats that they weren't able to finish the first time around due to time constraints. "We're not going to make that mistake this time," he said. "We're definitely going to take our time. We're not going to rush it out."

The record will likely boast a larger sound than its gritty predecessor, as Krauss revealed, "Even the early demos that we have now, a lot of the stuff that Derek has recorded sounds more immense, to me."

Still, don't expect the duo to scale back their signature high volumes. "It just sounds really huge, so there's going to still be tons of volume," she added.

Sleigh Bells will be hitting the studio June 25, and they already have a head start, in the form of some completed demo stems that will be used in the final versions. They're looking to release the album in "early 2012." Maybe, if we're really lucky, it will feature a collaboration with Beyoncé.

In related news, Sleigh Bells are currently in the midst of a Canada-heavy North American tour. You can see all the dates here.