Sleigh Bells Cancel Vancouver Show Due to Illness

Sleigh Bells Cancel Vancouver Show Due to Illness
We've got some bad news for concertgoers hoping to have their face melted with pop-metal guitar riffs and bombastic electro beats: Sleigh Bells have cancelled a pair shows, including one tonight (April 9) in Vancouver, due to singer Alexis Krauss's laryngitis.

The frontwoman explained the cancellation by posting this message on Facebook:

Dear Vancouver,

Apologies for the confusion and the re-posting. Due to my laryngitis we will be canceling our show tomorrow night at the Commodore. I will be on vocal rest for the next four days which means I can not speak, nevermind sing. We will be keeping everyone informed about when we can reschedule. In the meantime here is a photo for you all, which includes my prednisone which I acquired today from the lovely Seattle Swedish hospital ER, my assortment of herbal tea, the post-it notes i have been using to communicate, and my very useful hand message (also note the manicure).

In all seriousness, I understand how much this sucks. There is nothing we hate more than canceling shows.



The band missed their show last night (April 8) in Seattle too, but we can still expect them to fulfill upcoming Canuck engagements with Red Hot Chili Peppers in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Hopefully Sleigh Bells will make their way back to the West Coast soon, but in the meantime, you'll have to console yourself by cranking up their recent Reign of Terror really loud, and/or checking out our recent interview with the band here.

See their tour schedule here.