Slayer Announce World Painted Blood, Ready New Album for July Release

Slayer Announce <i>World Painted Blood</i>, Ready New Album for July Release
Start quaking with fear, kiddies. Not only have thrash metal masters Slayer announced the title for their latest album - that would be their tenth since forming way back in 1981 - but if what bassist/vocalist Tom Araya has said is true, this release will complete their contract with American Recordings and the group will be reconsidering their future. Then again, they always pull shit like that to scare us.

As far as that album title goes, the record has officially been given the name World Painted Blood, which Slayer recently announced in an interview with Blabbermouth. The album is being produced by Greg Fidelman and scheduled for release sometime next month.

At the present time, the band have reportedly recorded 13 tracks for World Painted Blood but only three are confirmed: "World Painted Blood," "The Black Dawn" and "Psychopathy Red," which was released on limited-edition seven-inch vinyl back in April.

By the way, did you remember to celebrate Slayer Day?