Slayer War at the Warfield

About as perfect a documentation of the live Slayer experience as there will ever be, War at the Warfield also satisfies with its great extra footage. The centrepiece of this DVD is a concert from San Francisco in 2001 on the God Hates Us All tour, with Slayer in prime form (aren't they always, though? Okay, Tom's voice isn't what it used to be, at times.), thrashing and bashing their way through 19 tunes, each one a winner. The filming is great and the chaos that is Slayer is really captured well. Dave Lombardo fans will need to be warned that this performance features Paul Bostaph behind the kit, but the man is a powerhouse as always and proves his worthiness. The 50-minute "Fans Rule" documentary is a predictably fascinating and hilarious look into the collective psyche of that most obsessive, possessive and truly loyal rock fan out there: the Slayer fanatic. And dear lord, are they ever in prime form here — truly a must-see. The documentary is also spiced up with interviews with the band, other notable metal personalities and some behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of the banned "Bloodline" video, which is also included on this excellent DVD. Extras: fan documentary; banned "Bloodline" promo video. (American/Universal)