Slayer Still Reigning

Slayer's 1986 release Reign in Blood remains untouched in terms of sheer intensity. Twenty-eight minutes of relentless panic, the album has now been recreated in its entirety live by the band for this landmark DVD release. It's impressive that the guys still got it in 'em to go through half an hour of such manic music. It still sounds perfect, although Tom Araya doesn't quite have the shrill scream he once did. The concert also included the first time the band unleashed the "Wall of Blood,” where 150 litres of fake blood was rained upon the band during the classic tune "Raining Blood.” The DVD also includes six other live cuts (nothing after Seasons in the Abyss, oddly enough), including a raging version of "Halloween Point” that sounds better than the original. A fun documentary rounds things off, making this short DVD (80 minutes) better than most three times its length, as is the Slayer way. (American/Universal)